Endermologie is one of the forms of cellulite-reducing technology designed to smooth problem skin without using surgery or lasers or leaving lasting scars. Originally developed by a French plastic surgeon to help fade away scars and bumps. The full-fledged cosmetic enhancement system has now helped thousands of patients who say the treatment gave them solid lasting results. This noninvasive technology, which is FDA approved and uses a special technique and device to target cellulite by lifting and rolling the skin. As a result, potentially reshaping your body and promoting a more svelte physique. Go for one or ten sessions, and you might just find that getting into your skinny jeans just got a little easier.

Deep pressure technique to help chronic pain and reduce tension. It will increase lymph flow and circulation which relieves muscle soreness.

Hot rocks heats, warms and relaxes muscles. The warmth of the stone improves circulation and decrease tension.

Improves circulation and relaxes sore muscles. Using light to medium pressure, Swedish massage is perfect for pure relaxation


This breakthrough treatment is dedicated to restoring and clearing the body to a naturally revitalized state of balance and vitality. The therapist administers a technique that encourages movement and drainage of the lymph system. With an increase in lymph flow, the immune function is increased and harmful substances are removed from the nodes. This is combined with the art of aromatherapy and massage. The application of essential oils to various areas of the body provides a revolutionary means of bringing balance and harmony to the body – physically, mentally and emotionally.


Your therapist will assist with the selection of essential oils. Aroma therapy massage will lift mood, relieve stress and wake up the senses.